Welcome to Politiz UN !

This website has been developed in Public Data Research Center, Advanced Institutes of Convergence

Technology (AICT). This is a good example of utilization of public data (e.g., UN General Assembly

voting record) using data mining and visualization. In this work, we would like the general public

to gain insights from raw public data. Especially, our system wi.ll provide ones with the voting pattern

of UN members in different types of visualization techniques.

Research Staff


Manjai, Lee (AICT, Seoul National Univ)

Byung-Won, On (Dept of Statistics and Computer Science, Kunsan National Univ)

KyungWon, Lee (Dept of Digital Media, Ajou Univ)


Ginam, Kim (Dept of Digital Media, Ajou Univ)

Oh-hyun, Kwon (Dept of Digital Media, Ajou Univ)

Hanmin, Choi (Dept of Digital Media, Ajou Univ)

Visual Design

Hyoji, Ha (Dept of Digital Media, Ajou Univ)

Database Construction

Heesung, Jin (Dept of Computer Science, KAIST)

Jinwoo, Jeon (Open Major Dept, Ajou Univ)

Available Web Browsers

Politiz UN is available in Google Chrome and IE10.

  • Chrome 26+
  • Internet Explorer 10+


The UN voting data used in our system has been collected from Anton Strezhnev and Erik Voeten's website

(Please refer to http://hdl.handle.net/1902.1/12370).


The content of this page can be used according to Creative Commons Lisence 2.0
Last update : 24 Oct 2014.

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